4 deaths may be heroin related

New Castle County police headquarters at Sweeney Public Safety Building along U.S. 13. (Photo: Delaware Free News)

NEW CASTLE COUNTY, DELAWARE (3/26/2017) The deaths of four people are being investigated by New Castle County police, and authorities say they all may be heroin related.

The deaths happened between 8 a.m. and 1:05 p.m. today in the Wilmington, Newark and Claymont areas.

Police said the cause of death will be determined by the Delaware Divisioin of Forensic Science.

“This is concerning and something we’ve seen before with Fentanyl or other bad batches of heroin,” said Lt. Col.  Vaughn Bond Jr, interim chief of police. “While the causes of death have yet to be determined, at this point in the investigation heroin seems to be a common factor. This is a stark reminder that the drug dealers don’t care what they lace the heroin with and couldn’t care less about the addicted person’s life- drug dealers simply see drug users as a means of making money.”

The county’s Hero Help inititiatve is a collaboration of the police, Delaware Department of Justice and state Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health to provide drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment to qualifying adults who contact police and ask for treatment.

Individuals can come to the Sweeney Public Safety Building at 3601 N. DuPont Highway near New Castle to request further information and inquire if they are eligible, or call 302-395-8050.\

To be eligible for the program, you must be a Delaware resident 18-years-old or older, have no violent criminal convictions, and voluntarily enroll in the program.