Woman charged in Arby’s attempted robbery

Beverly Ritter
Beverly Ritter (Photo: New Castle police)

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE (2/24/2016) A 40-year-old woman was charged in the attempted robbery of an Arby’s restaurant on U.S. 13 in New Castle, city police said this morning.

The robbery attempt on North DuPont Highway (U.S. 13) happened about 8:20 p.m. Tuesday.

A woman handed a threatening note to an employee implying she had a gun and demanding money, Senior Lt. Adam P. Brams said.

The woman fled empty-handed when another employee came to the register.

Brams said officers located the woman, identified as Beverly Ritter, in the parking lot of the nearby Crown Motel, where she lived.

Ritter was being held at Baylor Women’s Correctional Center near New Castle in lieu of $6,500 cash bond.