Wilmington Blue Rocks cold-weather discount sells out

Wilmington Blue Rocks tickets
Wilmington Blue Rocks fans line up for Presidents Day discount tickets at Frawley Stadium. (Photo: DFN)

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE (2/16/2015) A score of fans braved bitter cold this morning to get discount tickets for the Wilmington Blue Rocks opening game.

Individual tickets went on sale with the price for Presidents Day only determined by the temperature at the stadium at 8 a.m.

That was 4 degrees, so the ticket price for the April 16 season opener was 4 cents per ticket. The discount applies through the day for tickets purchased in person, online or by phone. Normal general admission price is $6.

But the team tweeted just after 11 a.m. that all the discount tickets had been sold. Box seats remain at normal prices.

Dunkin’ Donuts provided refreshments for the fans venturing out.

For more information call 302-888-BLUE or visit BlueRocks.com.

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