Shelter opens for evacuated residents in Sussex

Route 1 Indian River InletGEORGETOWN, DELAWARE (1/23/2016) Major flooding in the Long Neck and Oak Orchards areas of Sussex County has forced the evacuation of residents, officials said this afternoon.

An emergency shelter was opened at Sussex Central High School to accommodate those forced from their homes.

Officials with the Delaware Division of Public Health said people being evacuated from the flooding will be allowed to bring pets and companion animals, including cats, dogs and other small animals.

Pet food, water, medicines, cat litter, and bedding should be brought along with the animal.

Public health animal welfare volunteers will be staffing the shelter to help with the animal boarding and providing of basic needs.

The Public Health Office of Animal Welfare can be reached at 302-255-4646 to answer questions about pet and companion animal sheltering and management during the storm.