Dover doctor’s medical license suspended

DOVER, DELAWARE (8/20/2015) Dr. Lindsay Brathwaite, a Dover dermatologist previously on probation, has had his medical license suspended by state officials.

Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and the Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline issued a temporary order Wednesday immediately suspending the license.

In October 2014, the board put Brathwaite on probation for five years after finding he performed hundreds of biopsies and surgical procedures without any legitimate medical need, used unsterile practices and wrote inappropriate prescriptions.

As part of the probation, Brathwaite was ordered to not perform any biopsies or surgical procedures, to obtain training and education, and to pay a $10,000 fine. But the board said this week that Brathwaite continued performing biopsies on a daily basis and surgical procedures on a weekly basis.

“This behavior had previously demonstrated a real risk to the health and safety of both current and potential patients of this doctor. This blatant disregard for the restrictions placed on his practice by the board only heightens that risk and the need to take action,” Bullock said.

During the 60-day suspension, a disciplinary hearing will be held to determine any additional action.

Brathwaite’s status has been updated on the Division of Professional Regulation’s online license verification service. 

Brathwaite’s LinkedIn page lists him as the owner and sole practitioner at The Center For Dermatology, with offices in Dover and Ocean View.

In 2011, the Delaware Division of Public Health had closed both offices after an unannounced inspection in Dover “found the facility poses a substantial risk to the health and safety of patients.”

Dr. Lindsey M. Brathwaite license suspension order