Fumes sicken 2 trying to stay cool in running car

Kirkwood Soccer Club (Photo: Google maps)
Kirkwood Soccer Club (Photo: Google maps)

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE (7/22/2015) Two people sitting in a car at the Kirkwood Soccer Club were sickened by carbon monoxide when they left the engine running to use the air conditioning during this week’s heat wave, authorities said.

A 45-year-old woman and a 14-year-old girl summoned help after sitting in the car 30-40 minutes while watching a soccer game and suffering headaches and dizziness on River Road south of New Castle, said Sgt. Michael A. McColley of New Castle County paramedics.

They were treated at the scene about 8 p.m. Monday by paramedics and taken to Christiana Hospital by Good Will and Delaware City ambulances.

Both were in stable condition, McColley said.

“Sitting in an idling vehicle for an extended period, no matter what time of the year, is dangerous,” McColley said. “Exhaust systems may have small leaks, allowing carbon monoxide to enter the vehicle unbeknownst to the occupants. Citizens are reminded that carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas. They may become symptomatic before they realize what is happening. High levels of carbon monoxide in the body may require treatment in a hyperbaric chamber.”

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