Delaware wild turkey survey underway; reports needed

Delaware wild turkeys (Photo: DNREC)
Delaware wild turkeys (Photo: DNREC)

DOVER, DELAWARE (7/2/2015) Delaware Fish & Wildlife officials are seeking volunteers to help with the sixth annual survey of wild turkeys in the state.

The count began Wednesday and ends Aug. 31.

Wild turkeys had disappeared from the state but were re-introduced in 1984 and the population has grown to about 6,000 birds, officials said.

The data collected by volunteers helps biologists track the health, distribution and reproductive success of the turkey population.


“Today, Delaware has a thriving wild turkey population that allows for an annual turkey hunting season, but this was not always the case. The reintroduction of the wild turkey to Delaware 30 years ago, nearly 200 years after it became locally extinct, remains one of the state’s greatest wildlife restoration success stories,” said David Saveikis, director of the Division of Fish & Wildlife.

After seeing turkeys, participants are asked to record the date, location and number of adult hens (females), gobblers (males), and poults (young of the year). Results are needed by Sept. 10.

More than 260 observations were reported in last year’s survey.

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