Frontier Airlines: Plane got stuck in mud at low speed

NEW CASTLE, DELAWARE (3/23/2015)  A Frontier Airlines jet was leaving the gate area at very low speed when it became stuck in the mud at New Castle Airport, an airline spokesman said today.

The incident with Flight 1435 to Orlando, Florida, happened about 9:15 p.m. Sunday at the airport off U.S. 13 near New Castle. No injuries were reported.

The Airbus A319 jet had just been pushed back from the gate and became stuck when the right main gear and nose wheel left the taxiway shortly after the towing vehicle had been detached, said Todd Lehmacher, director of corporate communications for Frontier. The plane was moving under its own power at the time.

“All customers and crew were safely deplaned and hotel rooms provided as needed,” he said.  There were 105 passengers and five crew members aboard.

Arrangements are being made to fly the passengers to Orlando on another plane today, Lehmacher said.

“The safety of our customers and crew is always our first priority and Frontier is cooperating with local and federal authorities in investigating what occurred,” he said.