Water main repaired, Selbyville issues boil-water alert

Selbyville water tower (Photo: Google maps)
Selbyville water tower (Photo: Google maps)

SELBYVILLE, DELAWARE (7/14/2015) A broken water main that drained the town’s water towers has been repaired but officials are warning residents to boil any tap water before drinking it.

The water may be contaminated with E. coli bacteria, officials said, and could make anyone drinking it ill, particularly those with weakened immune systems.

Reduced water pressure is expected and the town is asking residents to not water their lawns until full service is restored.

The alert from the town says residents should bring water to a boil, continue boiling for one minute, then let it cool before drinking. An alternative is to use bottled water.

Extra chlorine has been added to the water system, and after tests show there is no bacteria present residents will be advised they no longer need to boil water.