Lewes veterinarian’s license suspended after death of 2 dogs

Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock
Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock (Photo: Delaware.gov)

DOVER, DELAWARE (3/11/2015) The license of a Lewes veterinarian has been suspended for 60 days, state officials announced today, following the death of two dogs in her care.

The temporary suspension of Dr. Jaine Weise, owner of Vet on the Go, LLC, was ordered by Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock and the Board of Veterinary Medicine.

The decision came after a complaint was filed with the board by the Attorney General’s Office, alleging Weise “had engaged in activities which present a clear and immediate danger to the public health.”

According to the allegations in the complaint regarding the dogs identified only as Brooke and Bo , Weiss performed an improper surgical procedure, unnecessarily used sedation, improperly used medication, used sedation reversal medication not approved, released the animals to their owners while still unconscious or in distress, was negligent in the care of Bo leading to the dog’s death, treated Brooke during her license suspension, and was negligent in the care of Brooke leading to the dog’s blindness, seizures and eventual euthanasia.

Weiss did not respond to the board’s initial complaint on the suspension, according to Bullock’s order.

During the suspension period, a disciplinary hearing may be held before final disposition. After a hearing, the Board of Veterinary Medicine has authority to impose disciplinary sanctions up to and including revocation of a practitioner’s license.

Weise’s website says the business will “reopen spring 2015” and refers clients to another veterinarian.

Jaine Weise suspension order